That Fluid Grace of Asana

Practice – finally giving to myself what I need – dipping into that fluid grace of asana that wets the joints and spurs my whole organism to coherence and sync and flow.  Integration of all parts of myself – into each unfolding moment expressed as breath and posture.

Balancing restfulness and strength, feeling gratitude and bitterness of disappointment and resistance all at once.  What I need to do is love every cell of my body and life to a thousand pieces.  What I need is to love every square inch of my life, from toes to shoulders to soft belly and to sore neck.

We as mothers all need recovery time – space for fluid plumping up of body, nervous system and soul.  “Get more disciplined about self-care and time management,” the lesson says… Over and over again there is the opportunity to embrace exactly what is, even the discomfort of weakened muscles from pregnancy and ache from carrying and breastfeeding.  Patience and compassion have been key to surviving the first months of mothering, and now, integration of more structure, discipline and wise discrimination are key.

It is essential to pay attention to how I spend time, and to not get lost in the endless cycle of “getting things done.”  Instead, practice.  Marvel.  Marvel at Rowan, marvel at Chris.  Marvel at the light on the mountains.  Read.  Rest. Move.  Love.  Enjoy overwhelming softness of body and baby…Balance this with the structure of practice and healthy nourishment.  Prioritize quality of relationships.  Say no to soundbites.  Offer the crux as you dive into the day…

One thought on “That Fluid Grace of Asana

  1. Heather Dunnavant

    I am marveling at you! This is a beautiful blog. I feel a renewed sense of peace reading this blog. Thank you.

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