A Poem from my dear friend, KC Waters Guaracio…

Let us linger



And be known to the world

Drenching our long lost light

In the wakeful eye of remembrance

Nothing is more crucial


And then

To bloom

To be the crocus

Divining life

Even in darkness

Sifting through snow

To sun


Our buried beauty

What calls your heart out and into the world

What walks with you


Your children

Your tenderness

Autumn’s red blaze

The flock of crows feasting in my front yard

Bear them deep in your bones

And linger

There must be more lingering

By the fire

Under the stars

In the river

With the moon

More idle time

With our partners

Our babies

Our neighbors

The trees

The entire tribe of our lives

What is crucial

Let all else be lost

And allow the lull

To bring us home

To ourselves

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