A New Book | The Invitation of Motherhood is Almost Here!

Available May 1st, 2018. Order here via Barnes and Noble, or here via Amazon.

Since becoming a mother, I’ve spent many a late night writing the reflections you’ve followed in this blog. After my first son’s birth I looked for the fellow mothers writing about the deep inner processes at work during the transition into motherhood. I had a harder time than expected finding the words of wisdom that I so desperately needed. Nearly nine years later, I’m excited to share that I’ve written the book that I was so ardently looking for.

For several years, I heard the same storyline from publishers and agents regarding this project. “The market is already saturated with too many motherhood books,” shared one publisher. “Mothers don’t read,” shared another. (Really?) Last year I came across an article in the LA Times by author Sarah Menkedick entitled, “Why Don’t People Take Writing about Motherhood Seriously? Because Women Do It.” I resonated.

The same questions I’d been asking all along kept surfacing. What about women’s stories of personal transformation? What about delving into motherhood as a spiritual practice and journey? What about the raw and unfiltered accounts of the difficult spaces we can enter into when pushed to our limits? How do mothers deal with the loss of autonomy, the changes in body and moods, and the seemingly ceaseless demands for time and attention? What were the lessons mothers were learning? How did motherhood spark growth and transformation?

And so, The Invitation of Motherhood: Uncovering the Spiritual Lessons of Parenting was born.

A testimony to how motherhood can spark deep insight, this book points to the ways that our children, and the process of mothering them, can teach us some of the greatest lessons of life: how to love more deeply, how to be more present, and how to find compassion in the rough spaces. I hope it will serve those of you who feel invited to dig deep, uncovering the spiritual lessons of parenthood along the way!

This book will be available in May, 2018 – in honor of Mother’s Day. 




3 thoughts on “A New Book | The Invitation of Motherhood is Almost Here!

  1. Ellen

    OMG your book! I can’t wait! What a massive accomplishment and tremendous offering to mothers, I’ve been waiting for this for years 🙂

  2. My Darling Daughter, I am so,so excited for, you and having watched you grow into being that awesome mother and person you are, I am beyond plessed and blessed!

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