Deborah Carlyn McNamara, MA is a writer, yoga teacher, sustainability educator and mother of three young boys in Boulder, Colorado. She received her Masters of Arts in Environmental Leadership from Naropa University and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Boston University.

Over the past twenty years, Deborah has delved into the mystical Christian, Buddhist and Hindu traditions through both academic study as well as time in monasteries and retreat centers in the US, Europe and India. She studied yoga extensively in Boulder, Colorado with widely recognized teacher Sofia Diaz, and received her Yoga Teacher Training certification in 2004. Deborah’s commitment to paying close attention to her own experience while being open to continued learning and insight helped her to realize that motherhood offers the perfect invitation to grow and evolve. And so this blog was born!

Over the past decade, Deborah has also worked for the Northwest Earth Institute, an environmental non-profit promoting sustainability and living simply, where she contributes regularly to the Northwest Earth Institute blog. Her writing on motherhood has appeared in Art*full Mother Magazine, Fall, 2015, and Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, 2016, and Winter, 2017. She is also author of the forthcoming book, The Invitation of Motherhood. 

You can contact Deborah here, or by posting a comment to this blog. Thank you for visiting!


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