Mother First and All Else is Secondary

I am a mother first now and all else is secondary.  No remorse – total acceptance, and yet: now lives the dance between peace and stillness and embracing WHAT IS coupled at the same time with desire to move, passion for ‘other’, yearning to be and do more, to become what I know not yet.

The practice is to maintain a certain level of self-attunement and flow, and basic self-care. To keep a pulse on what you want to move towards, while most importantly staying rooted in the present moments of mothering and care-giving another.  In this there exists a plateau that also deepens in its acceptance of being a plateau.

Hence, deepened self-identity, letting go of wanting anything other than what is (while still dancing with dreams and goals), practiced acceptance, profound slowing down….And now, crawl into bed with my precious son…